Kalbe/Milde – Solo Cassette

My first Solo Record!

One year ago I started working on my first Solo-Record and I am very proud to finaly announce it’s RELEASE.
I am lucky to get so much inspiration and support by the association „Künstlerstadt Kalbe e.V.“, who offered me time and space for realising this project in their city. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!

During this time I was fascinated by monotonous musical concepts and it’s power. Starting from the minimal-music scene, continuing to great noise-artists from japan, I got deeper and deeper in feeling groove in repetition and hearing musical development under the surface of monotonous structures.

After recording a lot of solo music and picking the most powerful takes, it was three weeks of material [maybe 3.403.830 hits =) ], I found my two friends Felix and Dennis from the label ANAOTT to help me releasing this work on cassette. In september 22nd the recordings are available.

The beautiful artwork was designed by Lea-Carla Diestelhorst.

Pre-Order on:

Available on every live-gig. Check my calendar for upcoming-dates.

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